Everything you need to know about your first SKULLY FENIX AR smart helmet

Everything you need to know about your first SKULLY FENIX AR smart helmet

December 01, 2019

So you’re thinking of getting your first Fenix AR Smart Helmet but still have a few questions about the product?  The Fenix AR is packed with groundbreaking features, and it’s good to maintain a healthy level of skepticism. But don't worry — we’ve got you covered. This article will tackle some of the questions you may have before deciding to grab your very own Fenix AR Smart Helmet.


Now, your first concern may be about the helmet’s weight. You might be thinking: With all the added features, the helmet surely must be heavier than other helmets on the market. Surprisingly, the Fenix AR weighs just 3.8 lbs.

To put this into perspective, the helmets that are currently considered lightweight come in at around 3.6 lbs. This means that the Fenix AR is only 0.2 lbs heavier — something you wouldn’t even notice, especially when you’re on the road.


Of course, safety is still of the utmost importance. After all, Oxford University’s Dr. Betty Liu explains that motorcycle helmets of all kinds serve to protect motorcyclists who crash from sustaining head injury or worse, death. In fact, her study found that wearing a helmet reduced the risk of a head injury by 42% and dropped the mortality rate by 69%. So, it's important to note that the Fenix AR is a Department of Transportation certified helmet. It has passed all the tests that qualify it for on-road use in the United States.

The helmet is also equipped with an Emergency Quick Release System (EQRS) that allows users to take their helmet off quickly in emergency situations without putting a strain on their neck. This is especially vital, as a study conducted by Doctors Without Borders states that neck injuries in motorcycle accidents are tied to helmet-related issues.


Tech is now pretty much integrated into our lives, with new innovations popping up all time, at an unprecedented rate. In their industry outlook for software development graduates, Maryville University highlights that mobile technology continues to expand in novel and exciting ways, and here in the U.S., overall job growth is projected to be 17% until 2024. This means that innovations like the Skully Fenix will only continue to improve so that any kinks regarding its features could well be resolved by the time you read this review. So without further ado, let’s go on to talk about the Fenix AR’s main features.

The Fenix AR’s main feature is its innovative Heads Up Display (HUD). The HUD does a number of things for the Fenix AR. The helmet is equipped with a rear-view camera that feeds into the HUD. So, instead of having to look away from the road, riders can now take a quick glance at the HUD while keeping their eyes focused on what’s in front of them. The rear-view camera is adjustable and accommodates different body positions via two modes: sport or touring. For touring, the camera will angle up more. Whereas the camera will be much lower when on sport mode.

The HUD allows for turn-by-turn navigation, which shows the rider the distance before making a turn, with the instructions given both visually and via the helmet's audio system. Another feature that the HUD provides is that it shows the rider a video feed of whatever is going on behind them. The HUD is opaque and not obstructive, especially as you can adjust it to anywhere you want within your peripheral vision.

The helmet also comes with a few additional quality-of-life changes, such as built-in speakers and limited voice control. Voice functions include time check, battery check, volume controls, some navigation controls, and voice commands for phone calls, allowing for a total of 17 pre-installed voice commands.

Last but not least, the helmet’s battery life lasts up to 8 hours, and is rechargeable via a micro USB 2.0 port.

So there you have it, a quick rundown of all the features. If you’re convinced and want to grab one now, head on over to our Skully Technology shop and order one today

Written by: Diana Stevenson

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