The Co-Founders

Smart helmet technology will reshape how motorcycle enthusiasts ride by significantly improving rider safety and connectivity. Ivan Contreras, the President and CEO of SKULLY Technologies was seeking the best potential smart helmet technology to bring to market as a step towards building out a broader transportation ecosystem. His vision is to connect you to all the things you love to enrich your ride and connect you to all the things you need to ensure your safety.

Ivan and Rafel Contreras, President & Co-Founders

Ivan and Rafael Contreras, are two successful serial entrepreneur cousins with more than 20 years of experience founding and taking international tech companies to the highest success levels thorough innovation. With deep expertise in mobility and advanced material design, the Contreras share a vision for intelligent and sustained mobility globally that was born from their advanced studies at MIT. As a result of that vision, they founded SKULLY Technologies, developed the first intelligent helmet in the world and they were the pioneers launching to market the FENIX AR, an augmented reality motorcycle helmet.