SKULLY Technologies designs and manufacturers AR wearable technology. Its first product, the world’s most intelligent motorcycle helmet, provides advanced technology to promote a safe, comfortable and connected ride. Headquartered in Atlanta, the new company is lead by a team of technology, transportation and motorcycle experts, including cofounders Ivan Contreras, founder and CEO of Torrot/GasGas motorcycle brands, and Rafael Contreras, president of Carbures aerospace carbon fiber manufacturer.

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make it right campaign

The assets of SKULLY, Inc., a Silicon Valley start-up, were acquired by Ivan Contreras and Rafael Contreras, successful businessmen in a variety of global turnaround industrial and technology ventures, and named the new company SKULLY Technologies.

SKULLY Technologies is unrelated to the former SKULLY, Inc., which filed for bankruptcy in 2016 and is no longer in business.

Many people who paid SKULLY, Inc., for a SKULLY AR-1 helmet were extremely disappointed when they found out that SKULLY, Inc., shut their doors and could not fulfill their order.

SKULLY Technologies intends on fulfilling SKULLY’s destiny and is bringing the SKULLY helmet back. As a part of this effort we want to make it right with those who have contributed toward an original SKULLY helmet and never received one.

We are providing previous contributors to SKULLY, Inc., the opportunity to receive a SKULLY FENIX AR helmet, an improved version of the SKULLY AR-1 which began shipping on an allotment schedule in summer 2018 and will continue through 2019.

We call this our Make It Right campaign.


Ivan Contreras - Founder and CEO - Ivan has been managing technology companies for more than 15 years with expertise in smart mobility spanning products, technologies, data and how they interact to create intelligent transportation ecosystems. His international trajectory took him to the United States where he personally directed the expansion of Carbures, an aerospace carbon manufacturer serving clients such as Boeing, Tesla and Proterra among other leading companies.

As a highly experienced international entrepreneur, Contreras refounded and turned around TORROT which manufactures electric bikes and scooters and GasGas manufacturer of off-road motorcycles. These acquisitions added to his portfolio under MUVING LLC, a successful ride-share scooter company out of Cadiz.

Contreras was seeking the best potential smart helmet technology to bring to market when he acquired SKULLY, Inc. and renamed the company SKULLY Technologies which designs and manufactures AR and AI wearable tech gear with the first product being an augmented reality motorcycle helmet called the SKULLY FENIX AR. In addition to his expansive portfolio Contreras also leads Sensefields which provides advanced mobility data solutions.

Contreras has a vision to change the world by changing the way people move by facilitating intelligent transportation ecosystems around the world. He will continue to seek partnerships with businesses, cities, government, universities and others that share in his vision.

Contreras has an MBA from the University of Barcelona as well as different postgraduate programs through Harvard University.